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“We’ve loved every minute of our journey” – Michael and Judie Zajac.

AE Natural Meats is a family farm that strives to produce Premium Meats by raising our animals the way nature intended. To achieve this, the well-being of our lambs, cows, chickens, turkeys and pigs come first. We raise them in a stress-free environment of grazing in grass pastures without antibiotics, steroids, and hormones.

The farm is owned and operated by Michael and Judie Zajac. In 2000 the family farm was purchased in Mount Albert Ontario for Dr. Michael Zajac's Veterinary Practice for the sole purpose of breeding and foaling his client's horses.

Judie was diagnosed with MS in 2008, thus our research into improving her health began.  By changing our eating patterns to only eating meat that was grass fed and finished we found a significant improvement in her symptoms. The problems arose in searching for a transparent source of quality grass fed and finished meat. We solved this dilemma by raising our own animals.

Soon, friends and family were requesting to buy our meat, so in 2010 we shifted the farm's focus to raising grass fed and finished animals. Thus, AE Natural Meats was created!

Our unique approach to farming created such a demand, we have increased our livestock herd and added an on-site Farm Gate Store. AE is delighted to host such events as East Gwillimbury Farm to Fork and Christmas on the Farm!

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